At TIBOPAK we understand the demanding needs of your frozen food packaging. Whether you are looking for a rollstock, a pre-made bag or a laminated re-sealable package, our options will answer your needs. We offer;

  • Wicketed bags, rollstock and balers
  • A material that maintains its strength under frozen conditions
  • Enhanced sealing properties to maximize production speed
  • Superior shelf appeal for a highly competitive market
  • Re-Sealable packaging options for your customer's convenience




Recyclable packaging is only the first step to help the environment, an environmentally conscious effort means completing the cycle so your packaging does get recycled and used in the production of another.  We are proud to offer recycling services to customers looking to take that next step. We will collect your unusable packaging and ensure it is re-used in the production of other packaging. Not all packaging can be made of recycled materials but through technology and creative ideas the applications are growing. Please let us know if we can help you limit the packaging that will finish their life cycle in our landfills.  

 Industrial Applications  ​FILM - SKID COVERS - PTO BAGS (box liners) ...

The lawn & garden products requires a highly durable packaging that ensures the product reaches the end user without any problems. TIBOPAK offers packaging that has a proven track record and will live up to your expectations. We offer;
  • Rollstock (sheeting or U-Film), bags, skid covers and stretch film
  • A puncture resistant film with limited stretch and good seal-ability
  • UV Resistant film
  • Option of U-Film with printing on 1 or 2 sides, up to 8 colors
  • Roll O.D. up to 30".

Plain Film for Converters (Lawn & Garden, Freezer Grade, Utility, Bread)

  • Sheeting or U-Film
  • Choice of film color or tint

Skid Covers to ensure your packaging stays dry and clean. 

  • UV protection
  • Printed
  • ​Options for film color

PTO bags for your various application

  • Offered as ​Food grade, Freezer garde or Utility grade
  •  PTO bags for your various application

​Stretch Film

  • Offered in different grades and thickness for up to 350% pre-stretch
  • ​Options of web width and film color.